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Created by Sally Oh in 2009, Partners N Art is an independent company supporting Central Valley artists. The company helps artists in finding locations to exhibit their artwork from local supporting businesses. During these economic times, this seems to work as a win-win situation both for the artists and businesses, for the artists have a chance to exhibit their artwork for free or for a very minimal fee and the businesses obtain aesthetic art which help to promote their companies.

We try very hard to find highly trafficked areas as well as popular locations for artists so that they may have the best chances on displaying their talented artwork for possible public purchases.

Some locations when the weather is nice the artists are allowed to portray small demonstrations of their art in progress. This allows the public to bond closer with the artists in conversation and helps to promote their style and or techniques for possible future sales.

We give the businesses one-on-one assistance in supplying those arts that they are most interested in for their unique type of atmosphere. The art is housed for 60 days depending on the preference of the owners. Most of the businesses do not charge the artists at this time for they are supporters of the arts here in the Fresno/Clovis area.

Partners N Art is on commission basis at this time on all related sales. If the artist likes what they see in being offered with Partners N Art then a yearly agent fee is considered.

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